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In 2012, two friends from different BJJ schools, sharing a passion for the sport, had naturally joined their expertise in order to share their knowledge and inspire others. HoMa BJJ was created.

A passion transmitted through their teaching, their advice and coaching.  They not only teach BJJ techniques but also help find the ones that best fit each student according to their individual style.

David CoréBlack belt

Johnny ZemouliBlack belt

Co-founder of HoMa BJJ, practicing since 2004, BJJ black belt under Pierre-Louis David (De La Riva).

Based in Montreal since 2009 where he began teaching under the banner of the Academy De La Riva.


Co-founder of HoMa BJJ, practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu  for over 10 years. He obtained his black belt in 2013 with Professor Fabio Holanda (BTT).

He is the first Quebec resident IBJJF World Champion in the No-Gi category.

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